Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Traditional advertising methods are not working any more. Where to people look for information when they need it. It’s the internet and it is fast becoming the most potent medium for marketing your business. Whether you are a local business trying to sell your service or product to your local community or you are a big business trying to sell your services to other businesses, you need to have an online presence. You need to present where your potential customers and clients are looking for you.

Mozomo Media is an inbound marketing agency which is providing search engine optimization services to businesses across Canada. We are specialist when it comes to delivering organic results that will help your business be seen. Our proven methodology is focused on results that get your phones ringing so that you can focus on more important things i.e. building your business. Our SEO services include the follow:

  • Improving organic search listing
  • Google and Bing maps optimization
  • Local search engine optimization
  • Mobile search engine optimization

Our methodology for search engine optimization is a simple 3 step process:

Keyword Research

This is by far the most critical step for getting great results from your SEO campaign. Selecting the right keywords and key-phrases helps in preparing a targeted organic SEO campaign. When we work for you we make sure that we understand your business and this data translates into determining the target audience. It allows us to select the right keywords. Since not all businesses are created equal – each has its own uniqueness and is at a different stage of its operations it becomes imperative to understand what you are trying to achieve with your SEO plan. Hence, proper keyword research is the first step.

On-page and Off-page Optimization

Here the keywords selected in the first step and then mapped to pages on the website and if there are no pages present we will create those pages for you using our expert content creation team. We determine the page title, meta keywords and re-write the meta-descriptions to make sure those 160 characters speak to your customers when they see your website on the search engine result pages. Then we use our unique backlink building strategy which is unique to every client we have. We prepare a plan that evolves depending on the results that we get. Thus, working within the guidelines to make sure we are not affected by any algorithmic changes in search engines.

Conversion and Analytics

Just by getting to page 1 will not yield the results that you are looking for. Your website needs to convert these visitors. Meaning you should be getting the website traffic to take action that will positively affect your bottom line. With proper traffic monitoring systems like Google Analytics setup, we can find out the problems in your sales funnel, your potential traffic leaks etc. Once, we have the tracking in place, the data gathered will become the foundation of our conversion optimization.

Our years of experience and expertise come from converting website traffic into leads, sales or a subscriber. We make sure that you are getting the highest ROI from your SEO budget.

SEO Services In Toronto by Mozomo Media Inc