Paid Search Marketing

It is important to make your Paid Search Campaigns Efficient

Because there is a low barrier of entry, paid search is incredibly crowded and this leads to a high amount of competition. The cost for each click has increased greatly in price for many major companies within the better half of a decade. It isn’t enough for you to manually check in and see if your ads have appeared in search engines. You need efficiency and a data-driven approach that will help you allocate your paid search.

Do You Know Your Statistics?

There are several things to keep up with when it comes to paid search marketing. You have to know the average cost per acquisition, revenue per visitor, impression share. Unfortunately, many people don’t know this and many agencies are unaware of this as well. Because of this your paid search marketing may experience a loss in returns each year because of changes in the market. Good enough is simply not enough and you will have to stay on top of things.

Going the Extra Mile

Good is just not enough. With so many sites out there and so much competition, you need to have a company that will take things further. Through our services, you can expect to get the most out of your site, and get more information about where your money is going in paid search marketing.

Everything is done for your site. This includes making landing pages, multi-channel PPC programs that will encompass all of Google AdWords, ad copy, and exploring multiple major search engines. We will also use social search engine marketing such as LinkedIn and Facebook Ads. Through these efforts, it will be easy to handle the many different campaigns while using several thousand keywords.

Transparency is at the core of every Mozomo Media paid search campaign. Clients have complete access to their data at all times, including reporting dashboards configured for specific roles in your organization, such as the Chief Marketing Officer, VP of Revenue, Digital Marketing Manager, and any other related roles.

Why Should You Use our Paid Search Marketing Services?

  • Creating and Utilizing a Campaign Strategy
  • Analyzing both the Competition and the Industry that Your Company is Working In
  • Not only Creating, but Testing Ad Copies
  • Analysis of ROI Tracking and Conversion
  • Reporting that is Customized for You
  • Work in Both Keyword Generation and Research