Analytics and Conversions

So you are in an interesting position. You are getting visitors to your site, but nobody is buying anything. You aren’t getting any leads. Your view count is up, but business is not? Why is that? More importantly, what can you do to fix it?

Mozomo Media is skilled at fixing this particular problem. We know the difference between getting you a view and getting you a sale. We want to convert the new person who visits your site, into a new customer or client, and not just another visitor.

  • Mozomo Media sets up Google Analytics on your website.
  • We keep track of your sales funnel, and find out at what point users exit your site.
  • We work towards decreasing the bounce rate, improving conversion, and making sure you get both more views and more sales.

Driving traffic through search engine optimization or paid traffic is the first step, but many people don’t know about the second or Conversion Rate Optimization. This is what really helps your business. If you are more reliant of sales than views, then it is important that you have a high conversion rate.

What is a conversion rate?

This is the number of people that visit your site and actually purchase something. This is a key difference between someone that simply enters and then leaves the site without really viewing of the content there.

Let us figure things out for you. The first thing we will do is setup Google Analytics, which is a reliable way to keep track of your traffic. We will find the best places on your site that provides a good conversion rate and the places where people choose to leave your site. We put our efforts into changing things and improving the number of sales or clients that you get per view. This is not a service, this is an outcome and we pride ourselves in making it happen.

Let Mozomo Media Improve Your Conversions and Get You More Clients – Contact Us

Views are simply not enough. Your conversion rate is important, and we at Mozomo Media want to help improve it.

Together we can make your site and your business into something that is much more successful.