Affiliate Marketing

The foundation of Mozomo Media was built on the experience we had gained with affiliate marketing. Along with our local client consulting services we have been involved with affiliate marketing for over 10 years. This service has allowed us to be able to test various verticals, marketing methods and traffic sources which helps us to take the guess work out of the equation when were helping our clients with their online marketing.

What is Affiliate Marketing

Simply put we act as the middle man. You have a service/product and we bring qualified leads/sales for you and take a percentage of the initial sale. This is method allows us to test strategies using our own resources and pass on the savings to the client.

We currently work with some of the best CPA (cost per action) networks and affiliate programs in USA, UK and Canada. We are able to test and scale, improve lead quality and do end-to-end tracking for the entire process. Our clients see us as an extension of their marketing division with out the overheads involved.

Plus, we can help you setup your own affiliate program with tracking and can also help promote your affiliate program to other affiliates who would be interested in promoting your product or service.